Dress up your pet on Halloween

Halloween is coming and sure you already have your costume, but what about your pet? Have not you thought that she can also disguise herself? So sign up to the fashion of taking your pet with you on Halloween and make it a scary costume. We give you some ideas so you do not go unnoticed.

Make a costume for your pet on Halloween

No matter what pet you have, you can disguise it in this special party that you like to enjoy These are some ideas that will make your pet look even more beautiful:


If what you want is for your pet to scare your way, a mane of lion will be more than enough if you have a large, hairy dog ​​with a color similar to that of a lion . An example of this could be a Golden Retriever or a Labrador.

We are sure that with this idea the first reaction of people will be to take a leap, although when they look twice and realize the sweet face of your dog, everything will turn into compliments and caresses.


If you have a dog type boxer or pitbull, a little makeup will be more than enough. Remember to buy one without chemicals that do not harm your pet. The best ones are usually those used for children, because given the sensitivity of their skin they are prepared in a way that does not damage the skin.

It's just that you draw scars on the face and body in the style of Frankenstein. And if you also get a kind of headband with screws in a costume shop and the put behind his head, you'll already have a costume as complete.


If your dog is medium or large and a dark color, with a little of white makeup you can draw a skeleton that will frighten anyone who sees it. It is a very creative and cheap costume with which to show off as a mascot on Halloween.


As simple as picking up an old sheet on which to make a hole for the eyes and the nose of your pet. Undoubtedly, it will be a very adorable ghost that everyone will want to cuddle with.

Disguise your pet in Ghost Halloween


You can choose to make a pumpkin costume with foam rubber allowing your pet to see, take their paws for it and breathe , of course. Another simpler way to disguise it as a pumpkin is to paint an old orange sheet on which you can hang small pumpkins that you have made by hand.

To give it a more special touch Surely you can win with your pet on Halloween.

 Disguise your pet in pumpkin Halloween


Disguise your pet as a magician, be it a dog or a cat, it's as easy as making a black cape and a hat like the one the wizard Merlin had. If you want me to be a little scared, do it in black, but if you're looking for a fun touch, you can find a blue fabric with stars or black with frogs or any other you think you can use . In the imagination are the limits.


And as alcohol-for some-may be the protagonist of the Halloween party, why not disguise your pet for a drink? of Martini? It is as easy as to put a collar of those used when they have injuries to the neck and make a pinch of olives with felt . These you can 'fill' with anchovies or red pepper, which will add a touch of color to the costume.

You can see that these ideas are simple and cheap, and you will surely choose the one you choose for your pet and you you will be the kings of the Halloween party.