Types of bird parasites

It is important to know what are the types of parasites of birds, especially if you have some as a pet. On this depends not only the good health of the animal, but also the rest of the family. Knowing the types of parasites and taking the bird regularly to the vet are the most effective ways to keep it healthy.

Classification of bird parasites

In the world of birds there are a lot of parasites, both external and internal, that can attack at any time. However, it is important to note that some types of parasites do not usually appear when the bird is in captivity , such as ticks.

Bird parasites can be Classify in ectoparasites and endoparasites . In the case of the former, it refers to all those external parasites that usually attack the skin and feathers of birds.

On the other hand, endoparasites are those that can attack the digestive system , respiratory or even blood. In the latter case, the correct term to refer to blood parasites would be hemoparasites.

The most common parasites

In general, birds are mostly affected by ectoparasites or external parasites. Lice and mites are the most prominent in this category; they usually feed on feathers and scaly skin, as well as sebaceous secretions. Some types of lice can also feed on blood.

Classification of bird parasites

Ticks and fleas are also some of the more familiar parasites . In the case of the first, that is, of the ticks, they are not usually so common in birds that are in captivity. The same goes for fleas: these do not usually affect pet birds.

To avoid the spread of these parasites, it is necessary not only to thoroughly clean the bird, but also to prevent it from coming into contact with the birds. other wild species.

Additionally, it is advisable to take the animal regularly to the veterinarian and even more when you observe some strange behavior or characteristic not usual in this.

It is important to take the bird to the veterinarian if you suspect the presence of some type of parasite. The main reason for this is that the parasites can cause serious health problems and, in some cases, can cause the death of the animal .

The most dangerous parasites

Although external parasites are the most common, inmates are considered the most dangerous. The latter can cause death quickly if not treated in time, and some types of parasites can be transmitted to humans.

Parasites in domestic poultry

Therefore, if you observe some strange behavior in the bird, such as difficulty in breathing or a change in feces and feathers, it is advisable to take it as soon as possible to the veterinarian.


One of the most common conditions of birds in captivity is that caused by the internal parasite known as coccidia . Approximately 15 to 50 percent of birds in cages have this parasite, which is difficult to detect because it lodges in the intestines and rarely causes external manifestations.

Other well-known internal parasites are: nematodes or intestinal worms that can be found in various parts of the body such as the intestines, lungs, esophagus and even in the blood.The hygiene of the cage and the animal is also important so that it does not suffer health problems.

On the other hand, the regular visits to the veterinarian are of the utmost importance, especially when the animal presents some strange visible sign.

It is essential to know a little more about the types of parasites of birds, especially those that can attack the species that is held as a pet. Information and prevention are the best tools available to offer pet birds the best possible care, quality of life and health.